Browse these special photos that bring a modern, bold look to any room. You define the image because the representational context is removed. Three dimensional objects look flattened as only the patterns, lines, and color become the subject...Explore a new world with these “out-of-this-world” photos.

Iridescent Stripes
Color Bars
Sky Design

Black and White

Browse these black and white images that portray everyday objects and scenes in gradations of black, gray, and white. You’ll find images of shadows cast by intense morning light, interiors shrouded in darkness, and objects where the art of black and white photography reveals their essential forms.

Cup on Table
Shopping Carts
Light Switch
River's Edge Long Island City

Street Photography

Places and people tell a story where things are never the same twice. Street photography captures those fleeting moments of public life – moments that are unpredictable and surprising. This collection also includes graffiti art from around the world and focuses on the public use of image and word as political and cultural messaging.

Architecture and Design

This collection of photos depicts the architecture of skyscrapers, museums, restaurants, and places of worship from around the world. Some are hauntingly beautiful structures that are decades old and lie in ruin while others are contemporary and showcase well-known architects. See how geometric forms, lines, and materials create the architectural aesthetic captured in these sophisticated photos.

Disney Center
Houses TLV
Interior Russian Cathedral Harbin
NYC Jewish Heritage Museum